Syllabus for Values and Ethics in Profession


Credits- 3

Science, Technology and Engineering as knowledge and as Social and Professional Activities

Effects of Technological Growth:

  • Rapid Technological growth and depletion of resources
  • Reports of the Club of Rome : Limits of growth
  • Sustainable Development
  • Energy Crisis : Renewable Energy Resources
  • Environmental degradation and pollution
  • Eco-Friendly Technologies (EFT)
  • Environmental Regulations : Environmental Ethics
  • Appropriate Technology Movement of Schumacher & Later Developments
  • Technology and developing notions 
  • Problems of Technology Transfer
  • Technology Assessment Impact Analysis (Environment Impact Analysis-EIA)
  • Human Operator in Engineering projects and industries
  • Problems of man-machine interaction
  • Impact of assembly line and automation
  • Human centered Technology

Ethics of Profession:

  • Engineering profession: Ethical issues in Engineering practice
  • Conflicts between business demands and professional ideals
  • Social and ethical responsibilities of Technologists
  • Codes of professional ethics
  • Whistle blowing and beyond - Case studies

Profession and Human Values:

  • Values Crisis in contemporary society
  • Nature of values: Value Spectrum of a Good Life
  • Psychological values: Integrated personality- mental health
  • Societal values: The modern search for a good society, justice, democracy, secularism, rule of law, values in Indian Constitution
  • Aesthetic values: Perception and enjoyment of beauty, simplicity, clarity
  • Moral and ethical values: Nature of moral judgements; canons of ethics; ethics of virtue; ethics of duty; ethics of responsibility

Suggested Books:

  1. Samita Manna & Suparna Chakraborti, Values and Ethics in Business and Profession, PHI, 2012
  2. Stephen H Unger, Controlling Technology: Ethics and the Responsible Engineers, John Wiley & Sons, New York 1994 (2nd Ed)
  3. Deborah Johnson, Ethical Issues in Engineering, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 1991
  4. A N Tripathi, Human values in the Engineering Profession, Monograph published by IIM, Calcutta1996

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